Thursday, March 22, 2012

Home Foreclosure Victim Donna Viera, husband and son begin a protest vigil against Wells Fargo President John Stumpf

Donna Vieira, her husband Nuno and their son Leo have a started a hunger strike against Wells Fargo Bank and the president of Wells Fargo Bank John Stumpf. It seems that Wells Fargo has dragged their feet for several years after an apparently inaccurate home appraisal that was off by approximately a quarter of a million dollars was never corrected.

Friday, March 9, 2012

To ALL of you Bank Protestors, MAKE YOUR VIDEOS SHORT!

It's important to realize that when bank protest videos and home foreclosure protest videos are too long, the video IS ROBBING precious time from all the other home foreclosure protest videos.

Yes, it is WRONG to put out protest videos that waste too much time simply because there are way too many people being wronged by the system. If just a small portion make videos that are much too long, they are simply robbing others of their moment to tell their story.

Keep your protest videos UNDER THREE MINUTES.  Even if it takes you 10 extra hours of thinking and reworking your project and you can reduce your video from 10 minutes to 3 minutes, you will in turn save all those who see your video HUNDREDS OF HOURS of time when each viewer's saved time is multipled by the 7 minutes they save when they watch your 3 minute video that used to be 10 minutes.

And that saved time allows them to possibly help you, or view more protest videos that may one day motivate them to take a more active role.