Thursday, December 1, 2011

Treasury Dept. investigating whether banks illegally foreclosed on active-duty troops - Nation Wires -

Well duh, when the instructions from the CEO's are basically "no special favors to anybody because that can be construed as favoritism", then of course active duty troops were screwed over regarding home foreclosure actions.  

One portion of the article states...The nation's 14 largest mortgage servicers including Citibank, Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and 
Wells Fargo, agreed to review cases after the government found that some rushed the foreclosure process without proper review.

Rather than the banks trying and bend over backwards for everybody, it's just easier for the banks to say, "It doesn't matter whether you're  a distressed homeowner because you're a drug addict or partied everyday, or you tried stopping a beating and were injured as a result and could not work for a while, or you were risking your life fighting for your country,...the banks position is everybody gets treated the same". 

Any request by a homeowner to restructure a debt is considered a credit default by credit default thirsting vampire bankers.

If you want to fight back, DEMAND Justifiable Debt Restructuring be enacted into law.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Occupy Portland posts 6 videos of Chase Bank Protest and Police Response.



Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bank Protests seem to be happening everyday.

Because of my involvement in other blogs, I am not able to put much time into those blog.  However, it has become apparent to me that there is at least one bank protest a day in the United States.

I believe if we could just get the law changed so that justifiable debt restructure DOES NOT require a credit default first, 50,000 banking jobs would be created, and those 50,000 banking jobs would go towards restructuring tens of millions of american's debt so they could actually start paying it down.

So for anyone who is going to protest at a bank, consider the idea that Justifiable Debt Restructure DOES NOT require a default first as something you would want from the United States and the banking system.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Occupy Movement Official Song? The Immortal One, "Rich Man's World (1%)". Viper Records.

The Immortal One's "Rich Man's Song (1%)" has my vote as the official song of the Occupy Movement. Hat Tip to Live Stream for this excellent find.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Only when Restructuring a Debt does NOT cause a DEFAULT, will the banks not rule us.

I am on a mission to convey the truth about why the world's economy is struggling. Banks rule us by forcing a default anytime there is a restructuring of debt. 

Defaults erode a person's ability to economically survive. As more people require their debt to be restructured, they are defaulted upon, resulting in more and more transference of wealth to the banks.
Change "Restructuring of any debt is a default" to "Restructuring of any debt is NOT a Default", and you change the world for the better.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How Banks are oppressing the World's Economy.

I've been a bank protest blogger for the past three years and just the other day I had a new moment of clarity, a defining moment on how banks are controlling society and in the process stealing wealth they did not earn.

I wrote about it on my Swarm The Banks Blog. I feel it is the most important article I have ever written because it spotlights the underbelly of how banks rule the world. You can find the article here.

The condensed version of that article is this simple, Whenever banks restructure a debt, it is considered a default.

Banks have no motivation, and may actually be constrained by laws they themselves have created, to change any debt unless they can financially punish the person or entity requesting the change in terms.

I believe there is plenty of wiggle room in which someone in debt, if they agree to pay off their debt, can have VAST AMOUNTS of the interest rate waived if their financial situation is dire.  

If you have ever loaned out money to someone, isn't getting the money back the more important than racking up insufferable amounts of interest, penalties and fees? 

Sure the banks need to make a profit, but it is pretty clearly that the banks are responsible for the present economic malaise, which was created by first artificially inflating home values, then plummeting them back down by close to 50%.

Right now, the government and the banks require that anybody requesting a change in terms to an existing loan of any kind be DEFAULTED before a change can be made. 

Don't believe me? Ask ANYONE who applied for the Home Affordable Mortgage Program, aka, HAMP, if they were not required to default on their existing financial agreement before the possibility of a new deal could be made.

Obviously being defaulted upon is like being scarlett lettered for future financial abuse and even when it comes to looking for a job!  

I believe if the public can agree that banks labeling any change in  terms a default is how the banking institutions are truly oppressing, then there can be ways to solve the problem through the present political system.

If there is a unity of message, there can be a clarity in presentation.

Allowing for a change in terms to an existing loan without it being called a default could be one of the most proactive things that could happen.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

San Francisco area Protestors block the foreclosure sale of their homes at city hall auction, see video.

Video by Brenda Reed.

Notice one of the auctioneers making a smirky face to the camera as protestors chant, "Don't Buy Our Homes".

Many Homeowners are underwater because the economy tanked due to banks selling falsified investment derivatives, these auctions may indenture these same foreclosure victims for years to come by debt collectors, up to 20 years in Calfornia!

Then there are those who HAVE equity in their home and that equity is being stolen by the banks by these auctions. If you are jobless you cannot access home equity in your home. If you are a caretaker for another family member your home equity can be stolen by the banks.

There are 70 million americans who care take for another family member. There 15 million americans who caretake for a family member with alzheimers

If any one of these 70 million americans cannot work because they are caretaking for a family member and have fallen behind on a property tax bill or HELOC payment, they are in danger of being foreclosed upon even if their homes have hundreds of thousands of dollars of built up home equity still remaining in their homes.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Did Target spend millions for a corporate meeting? Can we ask Oprah, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, James Taylor, Tony Bennet, AND OTHERS who performed!

What did Target Corporation spend to lure some of the most famous celebrities on the planet to their corporate meeting? 

Do you think it may have been financed by Target Credit Card's insufferable 22.90% interest rate charge?  

I do.

Target tells it's Credit Card Customers to eat cake.

I do.  This is the epitome of corporate arrogance by Target, a supposedly straight shooter.  A company that likes to "give back" to local communities via their foundation.

It's a load of crap.  Target is charging its customers 22.90 percent interest on their credit card, and millions are hurting because of it.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Target is Twittered about their insufferable 22.90% credit card interest rate.


Target has been twittered over their 22.90 percent interest rate credit card. I'll probably stop making my payments, even the minimum one, because the minimum payment results in a 150% interest rate, (15 dollars goes towards interest, 10 towards the principal).

(My message was deleted within minutes of being posted).

Even a 5 percent of the minimum monthly payment still results in a 60% interest rate. Target's credit card division is completely uncooperative, even when I mentioned a family related hardship that has directly affected my ability to take a conventional job, the best they were going to do was lower my monthly payment, BUT NOT the interest rate being charged.

Just what is the difference between a pick pocket who then gives away a small percentage of their take to the local church, and Target donating a small percentage of their profits to local foundations and schools after charging their customers 22.90 percent interest rate on their credit card.

Please, no lectures. This card has already been paid down a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT, but now I need some cooperation from Target, and they are not budging, and neither am I.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Welcome to Bank Protests dot com, have you considered a flash mob protest against the banks?

Hi, Bank Protests dot com will be a collective of videos of flash mob bank protests along with more conventional bank protests. In my opinion, High interest rate credit card debt is the SINGLE MOST DIVISIVE and DESTRUCTIVE financial product currently on the market.

After main street lost trillions of dollars in personal assets in 2008, the percentage of high interest credit card debt versus Main Street's REMAINING assets EXPLODED by 100% or MORE. Credit Card Interest rates should have been cut in half FOR ANY CUSTOMER THAT WAS COMMITTED TO PAYING DOWN THEIR CREDIT CARD DEBT.

If you plan on being a responsible credit card debt holder who wants to PAY DOWN your credit card debt, you HAVE the RIGHT to DEMAND and RECEIVE a LOWER INTEREST RATE without having to first default on your credit card.
The financial system in this country has constructed a credit rating system that punishes main street for asking for a lower credit card interest rate in exchange for paying down their credit card debt. The banks require that Main street must first DEFAULT, thereby ruining their credit score rating, before the banks will offer a lower interest rate.
The obscenity of banks forcing main street to proclaim that a borrower is scum before they can get a credit card interest rate reduction is outrageous.

The PRIMARY REASON Bank of America LOWERED THEIR INTEREST RATE on their credit card back in September of 2009 was because of the youtube protest video started two years ago by Ann Minch, called debtors revolt.

If you are paying more than 13 percent interest rate on any of your credit cards and you are trying to PAY DOWN your credit card debt, you are being financially sabotaged by the banks and you should consider demanding and protesting that your credit card interest rates are cut to no more than 13%.

Even if you are presently paying 13 percent interest on your credit card debt, and need an even lower interest rate to successfully PAY DOWN your credit card debt, the banks should be working with you, not against you.