Thursday, April 26, 2012

Bank Protestors in Des Moines Iowa protest outside of a Wells Fargo Bank.

As Iowa protestors assemble outside of an Iowa Wells Fargo Branch, may I remind everybody that it was the 2008 Iowa Caucus in which is it alleged that Move On dot org members helped shuttle Illinois voters into Iowa to vote for Barack Obama. Click here to see an article I wrote about this issue in my Caucus Cheating Blog along with graphic image breakdowns of how precincts bordering Illinois all went for Obama.

The fraudulent results gave Obama a huge forward momentum push in the 2008 democratic race, and Obama, being a friend of wall street and the bankers, has done their bidding since then.  So in Iowa, you can blame yourselves for the mess you helped heap onto the rest of the country.

If the video below does not open up, here is the direct link to the video.

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