Sunday, August 28, 2011

Target is Twittered about their insufferable 22.90% credit card interest rate.


Target has been twittered over their 22.90 percent interest rate credit card. I'll probably stop making my payments, even the minimum one, because the minimum payment results in a 150% interest rate, (15 dollars goes towards interest, 10 towards the principal).

(My message was deleted within minutes of being posted).

Even a 5 percent of the minimum monthly payment still results in a 60% interest rate. Target's credit card division is completely uncooperative, even when I mentioned a family related hardship that has directly affected my ability to take a conventional job, the best they were going to do was lower my monthly payment, BUT NOT the interest rate being charged.

Just what is the difference between a pick pocket who then gives away a small percentage of their take to the local church, and Target donating a small percentage of their profits to local foundations and schools after charging their customers 22.90 percent interest rate on their credit card.

Please, no lectures. This card has already been paid down a SIGNIFICANT AMOUNT, but now I need some cooperation from Target, and they are not budging, and neither am I.

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