Tuesday, September 27, 2011

San Francisco area Protestors block the foreclosure sale of their homes at city hall auction, see video.

Video by Brenda Reed.

Notice one of the auctioneers making a smirky face to the camera as protestors chant, "Don't Buy Our Homes".

Many Homeowners are underwater because the economy tanked due to banks selling falsified investment derivatives, these auctions may indenture these same foreclosure victims for years to come by debt collectors, up to 20 years in Calfornia!

Then there are those who HAVE equity in their home and that equity is being stolen by the banks by these auctions. If you are jobless you cannot access home equity in your home. If you are a caretaker for another family member your home equity can be stolen by the banks.

There are 70 million americans who care take for another family member. There 15 million americans who caretake for a family member with alzheimers

If any one of these 70 million americans cannot work because they are caretaking for a family member and have fallen behind on a property tax bill or HELOC payment, they are in danger of being foreclosed upon even if their homes have hundreds of thousands of dollars of built up home equity still remaining in their homes.

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